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 GTemCell group
GTEMCELL  group is one of the leading professional manufacturers in the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) field. Headquarters is located in North Italy close to Verona city with a branch in South Brazil,  and Sofia in Bulgaria. We produce a complete line of  GTem cells TEM and accessories that is widely used in emission and immunity measurements, for applications sectors such as Information Technology, Telecommunications, Civil & Industrial environment, Medical technology, Avionic, and Military.
We cooperate with world-class, Industries, universities, and customers worldwide.
Our advantages:
We apply the latest technology CAD, and LASER technology for the products supported by our own testing laboratory. We ensure our leading production process and rapid delivery capabilities from 2 up to 8 weeks.
We also provide comprehensive EMC solutions, EMC testing, and EMC on-site installations, Our R & D team with over 20 years of professional experience can design the products according to customers’ requirements.
We provide consultants and training courses for EMC at any level with accreditated teachers.
Our products are according to International standards, CE certified.
Our mission is “to offer top-grade products and excellent service”.
We make your tests easier!” is the slogan of GTEMCELL Ltd.!

Our products


GTEMCELL performs:

  • Laboratory tests for the CE marking in accordance with the European EMC Directive 2004/108/EC.
  • Testing of Low Voltage Electrical Safety according to the European directive 2006/95/EC LVD.
  • Tests on-site to customers.
  • Electrical safety checks on Civil and industrial equipment, generation of technical and service manuals.
  • Measurements of EM radiation: electromagnetic pollution environment. Predictions of the EM field.
  • Special equipment for measurement laboratories.

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