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Semi-anechoic Chambers

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International Electrotechnical Vocabulary

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5G allocation Map



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Transmission Lines - Interactive
Interactive Smith Chart
Lossless Line
General Lossy Line
Narrow-band Impedance Matching
Single Stub Matching
Double Stub Matching
Series Stub Matching
Quarter Wavelength Transformer
L-Network Matching
General Impedance Transformer
Broadband Impedance Matching
Broadband Multisection Transformers
Broadband Matching with Taper Lines
Transmission Line Properties
Transmission Line Impedance
Transmission Line Input Impedance
Standing Wave Patterns (input: Load)
Standing Wave Patterns (input: VSWR)
Lossless Line with 3 Selectable Stubs
Lossless Line with 3 Shunt Reactances
General Lossy Line (wide plots)
Practical Transmission Lines
Two Wire Transmission Line
Coaxial Cable
Stub Line Analysis
Short Circuited Stub
Open Circuited Stub
Standard Frequency Band Designations
Ohm's Law Calculator


Tank Circuit Resonance Calculator
RF Power Conversion Calculator
Power Density Calculator
Capacitance, Reactance, and Admittance Calculator
Microstrip Wavelength Calculator
Waveguide Calculator (Circular)
VSWR / Return Loss Calculator
T-Pad Attenuator Calculator
Skin Depth Calculator
RF Power Ratio Conversion Calculator
Radar Maximum Range Calculator
Reflection Attenuator Calculator
Power Added Efficiency Calculator
Pi Attenuator Calculator
N-Way Power Divider Calculator
Waveguide Calculator (Rectangular)
Noise Figure and Noise Temperature Calculator
Microstrip Patch Antenna Calculator
Wavelength (TEM) Calculator
Link Budget Calculator
Inductance, Reactance, and Admittance Calculator
Friis Transmission Calculator
Free Space Path Loss Calculator
EIRP Calculator
Wireless/RF Calculators & Tools
Noise Figure Calculator
Coax Impedance Calculator
Microstrip Max Current Calculator
Microstrip Inductance Calculator
Coax Inductance Calculator
Bridged-Tee Attenuator Calculator
Balanced Attenuator Calculator
Parallel Wire Inductance Calculator
Antenna Downtilt and Coverage Calculator
Bandpass Filter Calculator

Unit converter

RF Technical Resource

Propagation loss in free space / over flat terrain
Mutual conversion of decibel value and true value
Electric field intensity and received power in free space / over flat terrain
Okumura - Hata curve
Radio wave propagation characteristics
Creating a channel plan in order to avoid third-order intermodulation interference and the near-far problem
Height pattern calculation
Fresnel zone calculation
VSWR(SWR) calculation