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EMC-TLA32 Loop Antenna 9KHz-30MHz

Fully measurement of magnetic field strength in the frequency range 9kHz to 30MHz

The EMC-TLA32 Triple-loops antenna or Van Veen/Bergervoet  Loop Antenna as defined on CISPR 16-1-4 consists of three orthogonal loops enclosing a platform where the EUT is positioned.

The antenna has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of CISPR 15 for the testing of luminaries in the frequency range of 9kHz to 30MHz.

EMC-TLA32 is a complete 3-axis antenna with a switchable unit to select each 2m diameter loop in turn with the lowest point 0,5m above ground fitted with a current transducers in fully screened housings. Ambient interference is strongly suppressed in open area measurements.

Optional available accessories are the calibration kit and the EUT support.

Download GTEMCELL triple loop 9KHz-30MHz