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GTEM 1100 F  with FERRITE + Frankonia’s Frankosorb® thin-film absorber H-450B2

The GTEM1100  was upgraded over the GTEM1000 increasing the internal volume and power thanks to the new absorbers system.

Main goals are:

High power handling: 1,5KW (*2,5KW peek), Natural heating dissipation: No cooler necessary.

7/16 input connector, plus adaptor 7/16 to N included

Septum height: 1100mm,

Test volume according to EN 61000-4-20 standard: 37x37x37cm

Comfortable working area, door clear passage: 80x80cm

Options included onboard: screened window, Led lights.


SAE Option on board

SAE Option on 

High-quality prefabrication
H450-B2  model:  Removable hybrid absorbers piece-by-piece, 
Everything is screwed.
Optimized impedance matching between hybrid absorbers and Ferrites; Frankosorb® technology

Facts and Benefits
Nano thin-film technology guarantees the highest homogeneity and impedance accuracy
Non-combustible absorbers according to DIN EN 13501-1 class A2 – s1 d0
equivalent to DIN 4102 class A2 (Chinese GB8624-2006; Russia GOST 30244-94)
evaluated according to NRL 8093 report for tests 1,2,3,4 and 5
compliant with EN/ISO 5659-2 (smoke generation and opacity)
Hardly inflammable absorbers according to DIN EN 13501-1 class B
equivalent to DIN 4102 class B1 (Chinese GB8624-2006; Russia GOST 30244-94)
evaluated according to NRL 8093 report for tests 1,2 and 3
Not carbon-based absorbers
High-performance characteristics ensure reproducible test results
Proven long-term stability for more than 25 years
Non-hygroscopic materials are used to meet any climatic conditions (humidity-proof and temperature-proof)
No toxic gases emitted in case of absorber heating
No dirt, solvent-free, and free of glue or other harmful substances ensure a healthy environment for the user.
Recyclable at 99%.
Clean room classification according to ISO 14644-1 Class 5.
White coloring that improves the illumination level (no covers necessary)
Removable due to absorber fixation either by a screw.

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