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Meets IEC/EN 61000-4-20, SAE J1752/3, IEC 62132-2 and IEC 61967-2, IEC 60118-13, and others

GTEM250F 2021


NEW Model 2021



The GTEM cell is, in principle, a tapered coaxial line (offset septum plate), which is terminated by a hybrid combination of discrete resistors and RF absorbers to achieve a 50 Ohm broadband match. It is applied for the Measuring of Emission, Radiated, radio frequency field-immunity test.

Model GTEMCELL GTEM250 F with Ferrite tiles on the bottom offers a wider operating bandwidth with peak smoothed and flat response starting from DC to microwave frequencies. It is an indispensable tool for researchers and developers engineers!

Model GTEMCELL GTEM250 F SAE includes a special opening to test integrated circuits, dimensions: 80 mm x 80 mm (or 100x100mm) on Approx. 45 mm septum height, closed from a removable panel where are placed the IC under testing.

SAE Option

The standards SAE J1752/3 and IEC 61967-2 define a method for measuring electromagnetic radiation from an integrated circuit (IC). The IC itself is mounted on a test board on a panel that is clamped in the upper face close to the top of the GTEM cell. The test board becomes a part of the cell wall.  A receiver or spectrum analyzer measures the RF emissions emanating from the integrated circuit and impressed onto the septum of the cell. The standard IEC 62132-2 defines the immunity test set-up on integrated circuits tested with a GTEM.

The GTEMCELL GTEM250 AF-V is a vertical stand-alone solution for space-saving in the test lab area with a maximized EUT test volume. The GTEM 250AF-V is the ideal TEST CELL FOR ELECTROACOUSTICS -HEARING AIDS according to IEC 60118-13 and others. Many options are available including the XYZ manipulator.


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Datasheet:  GTEM-250F_2020
GTEM 250 – Main Technical Specifications / Max EUT Size
Frequency range DC – 20GHz*
Septum Height [mm]: 250
Max EUT Size (LxWxH)cm 20x20x15 cm.
Defined test Vol. within 6dB 8,3×8,3×8,3 cm.
Typical VSWR 1:1,2
Typical VSWR at the critical frequency <1:1,6
Max Input power, W continuous/*pulsed 1000/*2,5Kw
Input connector 7/16 or N
Nominal impedance 50
Window in the door (cost option) 24x14cm
Mechanical Dimensions
Outer LxWxH [cm]: 125x64x44
Door WxH [cm]: 30x20cm.
Weight Kg. Approx. 40
Electrical Specifications
Mains connectors Fix/CEE
Main Switch 16A magneto-thermal
Input Socket plug 16Aac (Single phase + ground) IEC
Output Socket EUT tape 16Aac (Single phase + ground) Schuko
Additional EUT sockets Optional
Ground connection M6 bolt
Secondary DC-filter wires 10Amp. 250V AC/DC, 2 wires
Channel for fiber optic leads 3 couples
RF feed-thru connector N.1 N female type
RF feed-thru SMA-type connectors N.2 SMA female type
 I/O feed-thru Ports:  N.2xUSB, RJ45, RS232
Electrical Equipment / Options
AC filter 30A/2 wire (2PH+Ground)
AC filter 16A/4 wires (3PH+N+Ground)
Electrical safety interlock
Indoor lighting 10W
9-pole signal filter (DB9)
25-pole signal filter (DB25)
Channel for fiber optic leads (3 couples)
Additional RF feed-thru N-type connector
Additional RF feed-thru SMA-type connector
RJ11 (RJ9) feed-thru connector
RJ45 feed-thru connector
Video camera system
Technical panel pre-drilled for options
Mechanical Equipment / Options
Gas / Water feedthrough plates
Honeycomb panel
Fans N.1 12x12cm
Empty Technical panel
Wheeled undercarriage (Trolley)


Datasheet:  GTEM-250F_2020



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