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RTCH (Reverberation tent chamber)

This product is a chamber made of metal flexible fabric tent assembled as a cavity that provides a periodic electro-magnetic environment randomly polarized, spatially uniform, and isotropic.

The walls of the chamber are inducted in mechanical vibration between 5 and 20Hz able to reflect the electromagnetic waves inside the tent with a reverberation effect. RTCH finds application to create an electromagnetic environment for immunity and emission testing. The reverberation tent-chamber offers the advantage of the higher field to input power ratios and faster test throughput times than other test methods.

The IEC 61000-4-21:2003  is a comprehensive standard for performing electromagnetic testing with a reverberation chamber.

The modular construction of the tent fabric allows customized dimensions assembly to meet space limitation e/o include the device under test.  The RTCH is supplied complete with a technical panel and optional filters.

DIMENSIONS: Customized

Reverberating tent for automotive